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How to Reuse Your Old Custom T-Shirts?

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The joy of getting a new custom tshirt with your picture or message is exceptional. You may flaunt it by wearing your new tee at friends’ gatherings. But after many wash cycles and sweaty outdoor trips, your favorite t-shirt loses its charm.

When you can’t wear the custom tee in public, you may think of discarding it. Instead, why don’t you brainstorm how to reuse old t-shirts?

Did you know America generates 16 million tons of textile waste per year? You don’t want to add more waste to this pile. So, let’s find out how you can upscale and recycle old tshirts.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Are you conscious of reducing plastic waste? Then you should opt for reusable bags instead of plastic ones. And your old custom tees can make it easier for you.

To recycle old tshirts, cut off the sleeve and sew the bottom together. Your tote bag is ready. Now you can use it for a shopping spree.

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Turn It into a Rug

You may have your old custom t-shirts lying around. But it’s common to have second thoughts about discarding them. You can rather turn those old colorful tees into a stylish rug.

But make sure you don’t use tshirts with pictures for this purpose.

What about Hanging Planters?

Do you have a green thumb? Even if you don’t, you may get indoor plans to add to the aesthetic appeal. Not only do these plants look good, but also purify the air to keep you fresh and healthy.

With your old tees, you can make stylish plant hanging stands. Cut your shirt into long, thin strips and tie them together. Now, you can easily hang plants indoors or in your patio.

Throw Pillow Covers

Your custom t-shirts represent your personality. You carefully choose a picture or message to imprint on your special tees. So, it’s not easy to throw them away.

How about making throw pillow covers out of these t-shirts?

Throw pillows add colors to your otherwise dull rooms. You can also decorate your patio furniture with these stylish covers.

Stylish Headbands

Stylish Headbands go well with different outfits. To recycle old tshirts, cut them into thin strips. Then stretch two pieces of fabric and tie them in a sailor’s knot.

Wear it for casual events and outdoors to complement your chic style.

Donate Your Custom Tees

Do you wonder is there a place to send old tshirts for recycle? Then you’re in luck.

Goodwill, Salvation Army, Planet Aid, Clothes4Souls, and GreenDrop accept donations.

You can visit a nearby donation center to drop them off. Or check out their websites to find out how you can mail them your tshirts. Someone would love wearing the custom tees you don’t use anymore.

custom t-shirt, is there a place to send old tshirts for recycle

Do you have any other ideas about how to reuse old t-shirts? Feel free to share them with readers in the comments section!

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