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How to Take Care of Your Custom Printed Tshirt

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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Custom t-shirts are a great way to make a good impression. They represent your personality and make you the center of attention. This is why custom tees don’t go out of style despite the changing fashion trends.

Do you want to make someone feel special? Or the birthday of your loved ones is close? Then get them a custom printed tshirt!

But taking care of custom printed clothes can be difficult. If you aren’t careful, you may end up ruining the design. But don’t worry, our custom t-shirt washing instructions are here to save the day!

Why People Enjoy Wearing a Custom Printed Tshirt

Custom tshirts tend to be more popular than normal tshirts. Do you know why?

It’s because they are trendy and modern. You can make a mark with your distinct style. Also, you can wear tshirts with your favorite athlete’s picture to express your passion for the game.

Custom printed tshirts work as a great marketing tool. For instance, a small business may get these outfits for their employees and customers. And the brand gets exposure when they wear tees that show off the logo and name of the business.

Easy Custom T-Shirt Care Instructions

Custom tees are popular among youngsters. But not everyone knows how to care for their favorite tshirts. Do you want to know how to prolong the life of printed tshirts? Then let’s go!

Wash Your Tshirts Inside Out

Washing printed tshirts often fades the print in no time. So, how can you protect the designs?

It’s simple. Just turn them inside out before throwing them in the washing machine. This will clean the clothing. And you won’t have to worry about ruining your favorite shirt.

Cold Water is What You Need

You may wash your clothes by hand or in a washing machine. No matter how you do it, use cold water. Heat affects the colors and prints of clothes. So, let cold water do its magic!

Also, check the settings of your washing machine. The normal wash cycle doesn’t go well with custom printed tshirts. So, set it at the slow or delicate wash cycle. It reduces abrasion and protects the fabric.

You Don’t Need Dryers!

Do you want to know our best custom t-shirt care instructions? Then avoid using a dryer.

Dryers may make it easier to quickly dry the laundry. But excessive heat isn’t good for your printed tees. It can shrink the fabric and cause the designs to fade. So, air-dry it instead for the longevity of your t-shirts.

Hang them over a rail where your tees can dry in the air. But don’t put them where they get direct sunlight for extended periods.

Don’t Leave Stains for Long

Did you drop tomato ketchup or drinks on your favorite tee? Then don’t let the stain stand for too long. The cotton fabric absorbs liquids quickly. So, you may struggle to get rid of the stain.

Make sure you wash the stain asap. The quicker you clean it, the easier it’ll be to get rid of stubborn stains.

Say No to Bleach and Fabric Softeners

Refrain from using bleach to wash custom t-shirts. Rather, stick with gentle detergents.

Similarly, don’t use fabric softeners. They can damage machine printing designs.


When it comes to custom t-shirt washing instructions, there are a few things to remember. Wash them with cold water and avoid using bleach. Further, let them air dry.

Do you have more DIY tips you want to share with us? Then our comments section is open!

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