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Now Your One-Stop Shop for All-Over 3D Tees

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

by Saniya K.

custom t-shirt, all-over 3D tees

Who doesn’t like to wear custom tee shirts with dope graphics and images printed all over the shirt? Not only do they make you look awesome, all-over printed tees are a unique way to show love for someone who now has wings. Guess what? inBox now offers All-Over 3D T-Shirts! Made right here in our shop, from start to finish.

Wanna know how these shirts are made? Keep reading.

What is Sublimation Printing?

The Sublimation process? Do I have to study chemistry now?

Don’t worry! We aren’t talking about the sublimation process you studied in school. The sublimation printing process prints designs on 100% polyester t-shirt fabric through special inks and heat. Sublimation is a term of chemistry. It refers to the transition of an element from gaseous to solid state. This printing approach works the same way.

We now have an in-house large format Sublimation Printer and large format Heat Press, so you can share your ideas and we’ll print them all over your shirt!

We create designs through specialized software. Then we use printers to move this design to paper. Now the heat press comes into play. Due to heat, the design transitions from the paper into a gaseous state. And then the heat transfers the design from the paper onto the fabric of the shirt (or blanket). This design is now permanent.

sublimation printing process, sublimation printer, large format heat press

A shirt that undergoes the sublimation process in this way is known as an All-Over Print T-shirt (aka 3D Tee). The design covers the entire length and width of your garment.

These shirts have the ink embedded into the fabric. It's not sitting on top like most other methods. So, you need not worry about colors fading. Your design stays intact no matter how many times you wash your favorite shirt.

Why an All-Over Print T-Shirt is Your Best Bet:

Print Quirky Designs

Standard printed T-Shirts are good when you need a single 8x10 or 11x17 image on there. But All-Over Tees offer much more. With this technology, you can print the entire front and backside of a T-Shirt.

How about the image of the galaxy that covers the entire length of your tees? Or a picture of your favorite music artist? How about ordering shirts with matching designs for you and your Bestie? Or a picture of your furry friend? We bet your better half would love it if you wore a tee with their picture on it.

3D tshirts, 3D tee designs

Get Rest In Peace 3D T-Shirts

You can also order Rest In Peace 3D T-Shirts in the memory of your loved ones. You can send us images through our website, or when you come into the shop, and we’ll print them for you. Check out this shirt we recently designed for a valued customer:

Rest in Peace 3D tshirts, RIP 3D tshirts

Keep It Classy

Buying a t-shirt is a no-brainer. But what if your friend’s birthday is around the corner, and you want to buy something really special? You gotta decide between traditional printing and sublimation printing.

what is sublimation, custom tees for kids

Sublimation printing is a good option when you want to order a more unique, classy design. A shirt with a photo of your kid playing sports on the field gives soothing vibes. You can even print HD (high definition) images of landscapes and people from your vacations. You don’t get this freedom with standard printing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and as always... Thanks for messin' with inBox!

Bobby Shelton, Editor

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