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Ordering Custom Staff T-Shirts? Here's What You Should Know

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

staff t-shirts, custom staff shirts

Branded staff t-shirts work as a charm. They can take your business marketing efforts to the next level. And your employees will be happy to receive custom-printed tshirts they can wear as they please.

Custom staff shirts work best to uplift the team morale. With your brand name and logo imprinted, your team will promote the business wherever they go.

So, ready to order custom tshirts for your employees? Then here are a few things you should plan first:

Weather-Friendly Tees

You don’t want your team to feel uncomfortable, right? So, choose weather-friendly staff t-shirts.

For instance, pure cotton shirts are more breathable. So, they may be the right choice for employee uniforms in scorching summer. And the material is eco-friendly too.

On the other hand, cotton and polyester mix can keep you comfortable. The material won’t show ugly sweat patches when employees are working outdoors. So, choose wisely.

custom tshirts for employees, a manager needs to order company shirts for each employee

Fabric and Printing Quality

When a manager needs to order company shirts for each employee, fabric quality is important. First, plan the purpose of ordering staff t-shirts. Do you want to upgrade employee kits? Or are your ordering tees for an upcoming promotional event? Then you can choose fabric quality accordingly.

Pay attention to garment quality. If your team needs to wear the custom tees on a regular basis, you’d need durable material.

The next step is to evaluate printing quality. Do you plan to contact a print shop for the task? Then check out their printing quality first. You can order a single piece before hiring them for bulk printing. It’ll save you plenty of trouble!

Custom Prints

Do you have a specific design in mind? Or maybe you have a graphic designer who will come up with tshirt designs? Most printing shops have a catalog of creative designs you can choose from.

Don’t go for printing custom tshirts until the design is to your satisfaction. So, check the artwork quality and how it will look after printing on employee shirts.

Your custom staff t-shirts represent your brand. So, make sure they portray an unforgettable image… in a good way!

custom t-shirt, t-shirts for employees, promotional t-shirts

Your Budget

This is an important part of the tshirt printing process. Yes, we are talking about your budget!

Reputable print shops charge reasonable prices for printed tees. But when printing a large number of t-shirts, make sure you go for options within your budget.

So, what is your budget for printing employee t-shirts or hoodies? Discuss the cost of the job beforehand. You may get a discount on bulk printing too. Also, compare the cost of different printing options. Then choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.


Do you want stylish yet quality custom t-shirts for employees? Then check out our vast collection of designs at AllOver3DTees. You can also add custom designs or the logo of your company with ease.

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