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Pride Month is Here: What Are Your Plans?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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The LGBTQ community has gone through plenty of hardships to gain their rights. Since 2009, activities and events are widely arranged to commemorate the efforts and achievements of the community. Pride Month is going on in full swing. So, how do you plan to show your pride?

A Brief History of Pride Month

Did you notice rainbow shirts and flags everywhere? It represents LGBTQ and is a global symbol of gay pride. But do you know the history of Pride Month?

The Stonewall Uprising is an important historical event. Back in the day, it was a common tactic of the police force to raid gay bars to suppress the community. Further, it was illegal to serve alcohol to gay people. Also, homosexuality was considered a criminal offense.

But June 28, 1969, was the first event when the community resisted the unfair treatment. When a large number of patrons were arrested, thousands of protestors gathered outside the Stonewall Inn. These protests spread across the city. And there were multiple clashes between protestors and law enforcement.

The next year saw the first Pride march on the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Bill Clinton was the first President to declare June as Pride Month in 1999. Then Barack Obama officially declared June as the LGBTQ+ Pride Month. President Joe Biden followed in his footsteps too. And President Donald Trump acknowledged celebrations through a tweet. He was the first Republican President to do so.

Celebrate Pride Month with Your Partner

There’s no single day to show love. But Pride Month is a great time to wear your pride. You can get pride flags. Also, you can wear custom gay pride tshirts to LGBT Pride parades. Look for festivals and events you can attend to revive the spirit of the Stonewall Uprising.

Pride Month is all about love and acceptance. So, show your love for your partner freely. Go on a date with them and show your love with pride colors.

Pride T-shirt Ideas for You

Do you want to buy Pride t-shirts for you and your partner? But unsure where to get awesome designs with quality fabric? Then you can make the right choice with our suggestions.

Create Your Own 3D Tee

LGBT, LGBT shirt, LGBT custom tshirt

How about creating your own 3D tshirt design? You can add designs that match your style and personality. Give it a try!

Aside from creating custom designs, you can also choose pre-made designs for your LGBT shirt.

Hearts Pride Shirt

gay pride tshirts, LGBTQ tshirt

Do you like this tshirt design with hearts? The tee goes well with casual outfits. You can get this unique design in soothing colors and quality material. Also, you can order the pride shirt as a gift for your friends.

Love Wins T-shirt

custom tshirt, custom tees

Do you like this vibrant-colored t-shirt? Then give it a go for Pride Month celebrations. Pair the t-shirt with a pair of jeans and you’re ready to stand out.

Show Your Pride on Social Media

Celebrating Pride Month isn’t only about attending parades. It’s a way to support the LGBTQ community in their never-ending struggles. And wearing pride tshirts is a small yet meaningful gesture.

Show your love and support with Pride colors. And share your love on social media without worries. It’s time to get your voice heard!

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