Build Your Own 3D Tee

Build Your Own 3D Tee

Build your own 3D Tee!   


Even when you choose one of OUR designs, your shirt will always be unique, BUT if you don't see anything you like, no problem.  You can start from scratch with the "Build Your Own 3D Tee" option.  Just fill in the info and upload your photos using the button at the bottom of the page.


We will send you a preview of your shirt design BEFORE we print and ship it.


One of the fields is "Choose your Background Image."  You can select Clouds and Sky, Graduation, Sports, or Other.  If you choose other, tell us what you want using the space called "Other Background Image, Person's Name, Etc."


We know that sometimes it's hard to tell someone your vision on a website, so please give us a call or text at 618.531.5292 if you need to have a conversation about your 3D Tee order.  You can also use the "Let's Chat" button.


Important: High-Resolution Files are recommended for best clarity.   Sorry, screenshots or saved web images are low quality and will not look good.


Due the the printing process there may be slight misprints to the armpit area and seams.  This is where the design has been pressed onto the tee and there may have been small creases in the shirt.  We do try our hardest to avoid this, but it does happen.  It's normal for this type of shirt.


    Our All Over 3D Tees are made of super soft 100% Polyester material.  This is so that the dye sublimation process results in the most vibrant colors and vivid images.  It also ensures that the inks will not fade even after multiple washings.


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